1. Architecture overview
  2. Requirements
  3. Getting started
    • Framework installation
    • Using launcher
    • Minimal simulation example (Unity)
    • Simulation example - integrating task editor and reasoning engine (Unity)
    • Task editor
    • AJAN reasoning engine
  4. Working with tool library
  5. Working with MMU library
  6. Advanced topics
    • Creating tools
    • Creating MMUs
    • Creating services and adapters
  7. Online resources

Architecture overview

API calls to standards

Living standards of the MOSIM are available on our page. Default data output is in JSON format and it is designed for automated processing by tools used for component vertification or by developers who want to integrate tools utilizing MOSIM standards. Currently four API calls can be made to retrive the following information utilized in MMU description file:

  1. Get Programming Languages
  2. Get Event Types
  3. Get Motion Types
  4. Get Motion Types as C#/C/C++ constants
  5. Get Property Types

Any value that is not returned by the above-mentioned API calls should be considered invalid and should only be used for deveopment pursposes. Verification of MMU description correctness will also be in near future provided as a service on this web page.